Embryos that have been in gestating mares for at least 75 days are insured. Requirements: The gestating mare was examined for pregnancy (submission of photo of the ultrasound image) max. 7 days before application.

Stillbirth of the foetus as well as death (natural death, emergency euthanasia) of the foal resulting from illness or accident (AVB TLP §2 D and § 2 A 1a-g).

Insurance period: Embryos that are in the mare at least 75 days, until the 120th day after birth. The sum insured will be doubled  upon submission of the birth certificate within 48 hours of birth and a veterinary certificate confirming that the foal is in good health. 

In the case of twins, the requested sum insured shall be divided equally between the two foals. The loss event must be proven in accordance with the conditions, including in the case of abortion. This also applies if the foetus is undetectable. Proof can only be provided through a veterinary certificate I declare that the gestating mare has been vaccinated semi-annually against EHV and annually against tetanus and equine influenza. EHV vaccination of the mare is mandatory and must be administered in the 5th, 7th, and 9th month of pregnancy.

Maximum sum insured €25,000 (sum insured for the foal is doubled if veterinary certificate is presented within 48 hours after birth).

 Premium 13.2% of the desired sum insured plus insurance tax (currently 19%).

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