Important Insurance Notice

As the highest bidder you are automatically covered by „Vereinigte Tierversicherung” insurance company up to the horse’s purchase price of max. 100.000 Euro plus auction fee and VAT. 

The life insurance policy for the horse is valid for a period of eight weeks. Cover-age includes 80% of the value in case of death or humane euthanizing, as well as permanent loss of use as riding horse due to illness or accident. 

The general terms and conditions for equine insurances (AVB TLP 01/2008 as per VTV) apply. The premium is 1,43% of the insured value plus tax. Continued insurance with Vereinigte Tierversicherunginsurance company can be purchased on buyer’s expense directly at the auction office, or within an eight weekperiod. 

If the insurance contract is extended with in this period it will not be necessary to reexam the horse by a veterinarian, and no holding period will apply.

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