Wednesday, january 18th

04.00 pm  Freejumping Dressage stallions 

Thursday, january 19th

08.30 am Hard Ground

01.00 pm Lunging dressage stallions

05.00 pm First free jumping with In-Out, jumping stallions

Friday, january 20th

08.00 am Free Presentation of dressage stallions, Licensing

02.00 pm Second freejumping and Licensing 

08.00 pm DSP-Stallion Show & Party

Saturday, january 21th

10.00 am Presentation of the auction stallions

Part I Jumping stallions

11.15 am Part II Dressage stallions

00.30 pm Lunchtime

01.30 pm Premium awarding

02.30 pm ONLIVE Auction licensed and non licensed stallions

LIVESTREAM all days:

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