Vereinigte Tierversicherung Gesellschaft a.G., one of the largest animal insurers in Europe, is the specialist insurer of R+V Versicherung for horses and farm animals and offers comprehensive cover options such as animal life insurance for horses, which covers accidents and/or illnesses or, for example, the risk of permanent unsuitability for riding, surgery costs insurance.

The DSP Deutsches Sportpferd GmbH (SPV) and VTV have drawn up an exclusive framework agreement with optimum insurance cover especially for the stallion days of the German Sport Horse. Thus, VTV takes over the insurance cover for all horses sold via the auction in Munich-Riem.

With the animal life insurance offered by VTV, the buyer insures his horse against the risks of 

Death or euthanasia as a result of  Illness or accident (ToN)

Robbery, theft, fire, lightning and explosion 

Permanent unsuitability for riding and 

driving  due to illness or accident (DU) 

accident (DU) 

from surcharge onwards (contractual basis are the AVB TLP 01/2008 of the VTV, area of validity is Western Europe).The insurance cover begins with the acceptance of the bid at the auction event and ends eight calendar weeks after the auction. 

The sum insured is the auction price (plus auction fee and VAT), but not more than EUR 100,000 - should the hammer price exceed the maximum sum, the difference can be insured with VTV on request. 

The indemnity amounts to 80% of the sum insured. The insurance premium is 1.65% of the sum insured plus 19% insurance tax. VTV offers tailor-made insurance solutions not only for buyers, but also for stallion breeders and feeders. These can be requested from VTV's specialised field service.

For further information on the existing exclusive agreement as well as on a possible continued insurance, please contact Mr Reinhold Hecker, telephone +49 1 71/9 67 67 22.

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